Innovating the future
  • Linebacker universal therapeutic
  • Pre-natal disease treatment
  • Multi-drug combination treatments
  • Low glycemic sugar
  • Animal pharmaceuticals
  • UV sunscreen technology
  • Animal feed solutions
  • Cold/Flu therapeutic
  • 3F mosquito avoidance
  • Chronic infectious disease therapeutic
  • Severe incident outbreak strategies
  • Hibernation technology
  • Radiation protection
  • Cabin Atmosphere Maintenance
  • Muscular atrophy prevention

GRDG Sciences is a private research and development organization that applies rapid analysis and problem solving skills to quickly qualify, quantify, procure and test both applicable and accurate paradigms.     

GRDG Sciences endeavors to be the world's leading think tank and troubleshooting research organization that can outperform government and university institutions by minimizing bureaucracy and maximizing real "on-the ground" problem solving capabilities. Upon problem assessment, GRDG immediately identifies and recruits leading research personnel in each required discipline from an established global network to efficiently execute custom research directives to produce real-time and effective solutions.     

GRDG Sciences' faster, better approach and utilization of global intellectual assets allows us to economically and efficiently solve real world problems in any scientific arena.