Rapid Research and Development


GRDG Sciences utilizes proprietary bio-informatic logarithmic protocols for rapid identification and determination of potential therapeutic agents addressing a wide range of disease categories. Our team is continually investigating promising compounds that can quickly be identified as useful therapeutic treatments. 

GRDG Sciences' current areas of focus include: 

-Metabolic Disorders
-Cardiac Myopathy
-Skin Disorders
-Chronic Inflammation
-Retroviral/Influenza migration limiting applications
-Medical Foods
-Veterinary Applications
-Agriculture/Pharmaceutical Pharming
-Pharmaceutical Delivery Vehicles

Defense Applications

GRDG Sciences works exclusively on defense and rescue applications for all branches of the US military and select private institutions to provide essential life saving tools. 

Areas of expertise include: 

-Active/Passive Denial Systems
-Rapid Rescue Location and Detection
-Extreme Environment Survival Systems
-High Orbit Radio-Protection/Long Duration
-Advanced Combat Performance/Endurance Formulations
-Rapid Wound Setting/Trauma

Material Sciences

GRDG Sciences has the capability to create specific-use materials from inception or match existing OTS technology for a variety of applications from simple recovery to complex and multipurpose bi-functional materials. 

Specific projects include: 

-Embedded Semiconductor Cooling
-Radial Metric Materials
-Long-glow/Passive Lighting Systems/Strontium Aluminate
-Multi-Function Fibers
-Recyclable Materials/Biofuels
-Water/Sanitation/Remote Environments