Press Releases

8/30/2018  GRDG Sciences Concludes First Round of Research Achieving Objectives Resulting in a Valuation Exceeding $500 Million

2/22/2018    Odds In Their Favor: Global BioLife Makes Significant Stride In Study Of Universal Drug, Linebacker

1/10/2018    Singapore eDevelopment Limited (Stock Code: 40V)’s Biomedical Subsidiary Completes Initial Cancer Research for New Universal Therapeutic Drug Platform

1/9/2018    Global BioLife, a Biomedical Subsidiary of Singapore eDevelopment Limited, Completes Cancer Research for New Universal Therapeutic Drug Platform

1/8/2018    Singapore eDevelopment Names Former US Assistant Surgeon General, Dr Roscoe Moore, as Senior Scientific Adviser to its Biomedical Arm

11/1/2017    Singapore eDevelopment’s Biomedical Subsidiary Confirms 100% Repellency of 3F Mosquito Fragrance

10/24/2017    Singapore Exchange-Listed Singapore eDevelopment’s U.S. Subsidiary Global BioLife Develops Breakthrough Modified Sugar

8/15/2017    Singapore eDevelopment Limited’s Biomedical Subsidiary forms Working Collaboration to Develop Functional Fragrances to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases

5/22/2017    Singapore eDevelopment Limited’s Bio-Medical Subsidiary Initiates Advanced Research of a New Universal Therapeutic Drug Platform, Led By Two-Time Nobel Prize Nominee

3/13/2017  Singapore eDevelopment Names Biomedical Management Team