Our Work


Multi-faceted therapeutic platform for metabolic, neurologic, cancer, and infectious diseases created to mirror the Panacea Project, a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program to provide novel, multi-target therapeutics for unmet physiological needs.

3F BioFragrance

For mosquito avoidance and antimicrobial protection with confirmed in vitro effectiveness against MRSA, E. coli, Tuberculosis and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This technology is a surface disinfectant and is also designed to be incorporated into the Open Air Defense Initiative for protection against outbreaks by protecting key points where the potential spread of pathogens occur.

Sweet Sense Sugar

Laetose™ is healthy and made with sugar. It was made the way nature intended sugar to be. Every food in nature that has a sugar also has an insulin-mimetic, which allows the body to properly convert sugar into energy or proper storage for later use.”

Pandemic Response Strategies and Technology

Including Equivir/Nemovir, a patented Over the Counter (OTC) medication successfully tested in vitro against Rhinovirus, Influenza, Cholera, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and in a Biosafety Level 4 facility, Ebola. Equivir/Nemovir is both a treatment and a prophylactic for COVID-19 and is moving to human clinical trials.


The solution to the Patent Cliff accomplished by creating a new class of medicinal chemistry that uses advanced methods to increase effectiveness and persistence of natural compounds and existing drugs. The safety attributes of the original molecules are maintained. Typically, drug discovery processes modify functional groups.

BioQuest TV Series

An engaging science-based adventure series and educational nexus. The show follows the research team of GRDG as they explore unique locations around the world sharing exciting stories behind their biomedical discoveries focused on solutions to global health issues. This research is presented in a way that is both educational and entertaining. The Pilot Episode can be viewed on YouTube.

Bioplastics I

Advanced bio-compatible plastics that mitigate accumulation of plastics in oceans and landfills and also provide UVA and UVB protection for many types of material for including containers, hard surfaces, and fibers for clothing. The technology is presently in development and testing.

Bioplastics II

Antimicrobial plastics for consumer products that control the spread of active pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, E. coli, Staph, and Rhinovirus, by exploiting key strategies found in the biological realm. These new plastics are specifically focused on solutions for common products such as cups, plates, utensils, plastic bags, and countertops. The first prototypes are currently undergoing antimicrobial resistance testing.

Pan-Coronavirus Vaccine

A new method to protect humans against the current COVID-19 pandemic and prevent new outbreaks by future pandemic-causing coronavirus mutations.


Advanced adjuvant for next generation vaccine applications.


Binary biochemical enhancement technology to address the emerging antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance issues.