An Advanced Scientific Research Team

An advanced scientific research team

Basing our operational methods after BARDA we pride ourselves on being a nimble research team capable to focusing on solutions for the most pressing issues society is up against.

Who We Are

Global Research and Discovery Group was founded in 2014 by Daryl Thompson to serve as a private research and development organization that can apply rapid analysis and problem solving skills to quickly qualify, quantify, and solve the largest problems facing the world today.

What We Do

Advanced Scientific Research

We’re currently researching broad-spectrum antivirals, cancer therapeutics, stronger antibiotics, and more

AI Powered Drug Discovery

Our BioForge Initiative is on the cutting edge of new  ways to discover drugs and improving off patent drugs opening them to be re-patented

Consumer Goods

Our research has resulted in technology useful outside the laboratory and in the home including safe glowing blankets, a natural sugar replacement, and mosquito repellents