3F stands for “Functional Fragrance Formulation”. The 3F Biofragrance technologies is a suite of “functional fragrances” specifically designed for addition to consumer products such as cosmetics, detergents, and air fresheners to boost the products effectiveness or add additional protective properties. These properties include insect protection, antimicrobial, preservative, synergistic and healing capabilities.
The 3F Biofragrance is the product of a 3 year research project conducted on over 270 rare orchid scents from across the globe. The project yielded a vast library of compounds that cover wide variety of biological activities. These compounds, once cataloged and identified can be used to create unique and numerous bioactive formulas that mimic a pleasant smell.

  • We have partnered with Chemia Corporation for the manufacturing of 3F fragrances

Project Details

The 3F project was designed to create a variety of fragrances with both health and consumer benefits from mosquito repellency to an antimicrobial effect.

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