Project Bioforge is a new way to integrate AI systems with the drug discovery process. Bioforge will combine our heuristic based logic process, which has been successfully used in the past to create the Linebacker molecules, and the computational power of an AI program. This project is also focused on bettering global relations and being able to return drugs and to Africa and South America after a long history of those continents having their resources exploited.



  • AI Partnership

    We have created the scientific process for the drug discovery components of this project and we are now on the search for a suitable AI research team to partner with.

  • Project Intercept

    As we work to create our full AI library GRDG will begin selecting compounds for discovery and augmentation utilizing a manual version of our automated process

Project Details

The Bioforge AI will create a library of drugs ready to be patented and licensed, and we are working with Dr. Roscoe Moore Jr on the best ways to ensure Africa and South America benefit from our discoveries.